Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tiger Cubs- Mandy & Him moments ep6 & 7

I just recently finished watching Tiger Cubs...and I loved it :) I love seeing Mandy & Him as a couple, and even though they weren't really "official" in the series, I made screencaps & recaps of all their scenes together. Here are the ones for episode 6 and 7!

The whole SDU team are having a barbecue while Christine arrives. Mandy and Oscar pretend to be dating so that Christine will understand that Oscar does not like her. Christine is sad. Him goes up to her and says bad things (she’s impolite, disrespectful, etc.)  about Mandy so that Christine will feel better.  Mandy is mad at Him. When Christine leaves, she tells Him to go get something with her in the kitchen. She asks him why he has to talk about her like this, and Him says that all he wants is for Joe and Christine to get back together. Christine arrives and finds out that they are pretending to be dating. She is mad and runs outside. Him and Mandy follow her. Christine asks Oscar if he and Mandy are really dating. Him makes a big “NO” face, but Oscar doesn’t get it, goes next to Mandy and says that they are dating. Mandy tells him that Christine found out about it. Christine is sad, so Joe goes up to her and makes her laugh by joggling and dropping hot fish balls. Mandy and Him smile while looking at each other. 

Mandy goes to train “wall climbing” with the guys. Him asks her what she is doing and the other guys tell him that she always come training with them.  He suggest that they compete for who will get to the top the fastest and she agrees. Him says he will give her three seconds of a head start. They arrive at the top at almost the same time, with Him a few milliseconds ahead. The guys say that Mandy had a head start, so she wins. 

Him founds out about Mandy’s application/transfer to the SDU team. He goes to find her. She is jogging and is doing push ups. Him tells her that she is fit, but not enough to make it to the SDU team. Mandy is mad and tells him that he can’t talk to her like this because she is still his senior. She also tells him that this information is top secret and that he shouldn’t tell anyone about it. Him smiles and says that of course he won’t, because if a third person knows, she will know for sure that it is him who told that person. 

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