Monday, December 30, 2013

TVB look alikes

I've been waanting to write this post for a while :) It's just a bunch of pictures of tvb celebs that really look alike. I've also included past tvb artists who are not signed with TVB anymore..just because their ressemblance is quite interesting :)
Christine Kuo and Aimee Chan
I first noticed their ressemblance in Ghetto Justice, during one of Christine's crying scene. They could be twins! Funny how both of them have an accent when they speak cantonese :P

Wayne Lai and Power Chan:
When I didn't really knew tvb & the artists well, I thought they were the same person, lol. Wayne is a little older though, he could totally play Power's older brother!

Sharon Chan and Niki Chow
Noticed them the other day during the TVB awards ceremony when I thought for a while that Niki was Sharon, haha.

Bobby Au Yeung and Bob Lam
Even their names sound alikes, lol.

Maggie Cheung and Tavia Yeung
 I think they played sister in some older series right? Haven't watched that..but I found the above pic of Tavia two years ago and noticed that she really looked like Maggie!

Sunny Chan and Frankie Lam
The just look identical O.o lol.

Bernice Liu and Candy Chang
Didn't notice this one until some of my tvb blogger friends pointed it out on my Candy blog :) 

If you have any other ideas of TVB celebs who look alike, comment below! :) 

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  1. They actually look pretty alike shockingly, but I also think Yoyo Mung and Jessica Hsuan look pretty alike.