Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Hippocratic Crush II Episode 29 Finale Recap

Note: Please forgive me for my lack of knowledge of medical terms in this recap…I was not able to find the disease/illness names in English since they were mentioned in Chinese, so I’ll just be briefly describing them.

This last episode starts off with Onion (Him Law) standing and thinking in front of Che che (Eliza Sam)’s tomb. Her dad comes by and gives a picture album to Onion, telling him that Ch eche probably intended to give it to him. He looks at it; it is full of pictures of places where they have been to together. He cries while looking at it, but smiles through his tears. He walks to all those places and thinks about Che che. He sees Yat Kin(Kenneth Ma) and shares his thoughts with him. At night, he dreams about Cheche. He promises her that he will live his life fully, be a great doctor, find someone he will love, etc. Yat Hong(Nathan Ngai) appears and tells Cheche that it is time to go. Before she leaves, Onion tells her that he loves her.

Siu Yik(Derek Kwok)’s family came over to Yat Kin’s house. He is talks about a show/contest in which he will participate with his son, but his wife refuses to let them go. She knows that he is having health issue lately and wants him to get a body checkup.  They end up in a fight, so Yat Kin pulls Siu Yik away and talks to him while Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) talks with his wife. They then reconcile with each other and she agrees to let them go to the show. The next morning, Siu Yik does not feel well and throws up. He goes to the hospital and finds out that there is a problem with his kidney. He is depressed and blames himself for letting his wife and children down.

Chin Yi (Tracy Chu) and her son are over to Lokman (Lawrence Ng)’s house. Yannis comes and seems unhappy, so her father asks her what is wrong. Ah Moon (Louisa So) says that her grandparents called and want them to go back to England. She does not want  to, so Chin Yi suggests that they stay in Hong Kong. They all agree and to convince her grandparents, Lokman is going to fly to England to personally apologize because of what he has done in the past.

Siu Yik’s situation got worse. He needs to have his kidney washed. He is even more depressed, cries and does not want to see anyone. Yu Jai tries her best to analyze his report to find if they missed something. Yat Kin’s mom (Gigi Wong) dreams about Yat Hong who tells her that anything is possible if they truly belive it. The next morning, they all go to visit Siu Yik. His son comes, and he yells at his wife for bringing him. Yat Kin’s mom stops him and asks everyone to go out of the room except Siu Yik’s son. She shows  him that she is able to complete the rubik’s cube within one minute despite having a problem with her fingers. She wants to participate to the contest with Siu  Yik’s son to show him that anything can be possible and to not give up hope.                

On the way to the show, Yat Kin encounters an accident. He is hit by a mini bus that lost control. Meanwhile, Lokman is sending Yannis, Moon and David to the airport. Back to Yat Kin’s accident: he goes on an ambulance and Yu Jai comes with him. He has some cardiac problems so she needs to pour blood from his heart because it is bleeding inside. They rush to the hospital. They examine Yat Kin, and he needs immediate surgery. However, all the cardio surgery doctors are all either busy or away, including Lokman that is on his way back, so Yu Jai has to do the operation.  Onion asks Yu Jai if she is afraid, and she admits yes. Onion suggests that he takes over the operation and Yu Jai becomes his assistant instead, but Yu Jai refuses because it is too big of a risk. She is back to herself and regained confidence. She starts the surgery until Lokman comes back. The surgery is a success!

Mei Suet (Mandy Wong) gave a big hug to Ben (Benjamin Yuen) when she came out, so he brings her a coffee afterwards and talks with her. He tells her that if she never said anything, he will pretend that nothing ever happened between them. Mei Suet says that she cannot pretend that nothing happen. They talk and find out that they are each other’s secret angel.

Yat Kin is in comma, and all his friends and family came to support him. Yu Jai continues to write him a letter and tells him that she misses him. She looks at their photo album and finds out that the album is missing some pictures, so she goes to Yat Kin’s room to look for them. She discovers some letters that he wrote to her and learns that he has been writing to her everyday. The same night, Yat Kin’s mom dreams about Yat Hong. The next morning, Yu Jai finds out a possible cure to Siu Yik’s condition, but he has to undergo a CT test that can worsen his current condition, so he refuses. They see Yat Kin’s mom and Siu Yik’s son on TV, on the show. They win 50 000 HK$. Yat Kin’s mom says that she is there to give some hope back to her son and his wife as well as their friend Siu Yik and his wife. Siu Yik agrees to take a risk and take the CT test. Yat Kin finally wakes up! Yu Jai and his mom cry of happiness. He slowly recovers. Siu Yik also recovers completely thanks to Yu Jai, and he went to buy a new car to impress his wife and his son.

Yat Kin and Yu Jai’s family are together. They tease Mei Suet and Ben about getting married. That night, Ben surprises Mei Suet and asks proposes to her. She says yes!

Lokman and Chin Yi are preparing to fly over to England. They bring Chin Yi’s son to his real mom for her to take care of him over the next few months.Also, Yu Jai’s tumor size decreased, so she tells Yat Kin that it is about time to consider having a baby again. Suddenly, Yat Kin receives a phone call saying that a building felt and lots of people are being sent to the hospital. They rush back to the hospital.

The end!

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