Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Hippocratic Crush 2 Episode 27 recap + Quick thoughts

It's the first time I'm writing a recap and putting screencaps of an episode that I actually made myself. Why am I doing this? I feel like episode 27 contains the most touching scenes, so I felt like taking a lot of screencaps. After the screencaps, I felt like writing a here it is! :) I will probably be making another one for the finale and write a review also. Hope you enjoy!

It’s Ah Ting’s birthday, and Ming Tai prepared her favorite breakfast for her. He also wants to throw her an amazing birthday party and puts all his brothers/friends (Onion, Ben, etc) into this and they agree to help. Cheche is also preparing for a party…but it is a party to say good bye to her close ones. She wants to keep it only to her dad and Chin Yi, but Yat Kin’s mom eventually finds out. 

Ah Ting’s party was going to fail because the rain and bad weather ruined the food and presents, so the guys find Cheche to seek some help. She tells them that the event at the center is cancelled, and she agrees to give them all the food and flowers, including the one that Chin Yi gave her and that represent her biggest hope.

 Ah Ting  and Ming Tai start dating!

Two parties that are complete opposite are happening at the same time. The young housemen and doctors are celebrating their graduations and Ah Ting’s birthday, while Che che is trying to tell her best friend and her dad to not be too sad, and she hopes  that they will smile when they think of her. 

 Ben accidently clicks on the computer and a video plays. It is pictures of Cheche, her friends and hospital patients. Chin Yi finds out that Che che gave away the flowers. She is mad and goes to take them back. Onion asks her about Cheche and she tells him. Everyone finds out about Che che’s sickness.

 Lokman recalls a story about the “Happy Prince” and compares it to Cheche because they spread happiness everywhere and help everyone. Above are some of the moments where CheChe made people smile!

 Chin Yi goes back to Che che’s and gives her the flower, along with a picture showing all her support. They go outside and find out that everyone is there, with a candle/light cup and a picture of them. They give it to Che Che to support her. Che Che looks everywhere to fin Onion, and he is at the back. He gives his picture and they both cry.

At the end, they are just Che Che and Onion together, under the rain. Che che tries to act happy, but Onion cries. He tells her that it is time for him to take care of her.

Thoughts; This was such an emotional episode. At first, I was just happy for Ah Ting and the fact that she finally found her M.Right. But that’s just a side story. The main focus here is on Che Che, her diseases and Onion… Basically, they compare her with an Angel. She always helps everyone. Even Onion tells her that she is dressed up like an Angel.  Her pictures/video represent an Angel at the end. And notice that on the flashbacks, Che Che is always wearing white, which represent angel, pureness and innocence! I just felt that it was really sad how she is always thinking about the others and does not tell them about her disease because she doesn’t want them to be upset … It breaks my heart to see her and Onion cry :'(

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