Friday, April 26, 2013

Featuring: Aimee Chan

I'm trying to do a artist feature at least every month :) This month, it is Aimee Chan! I've realized that recently, I haven't even got one tag with her, and since she's growing in popularity and is now a quite important artist of TVB, I wanted to create a whole post about her :)

Aimee is from Canada. Maybee that's one of the reasons why I like her, I don't know, I tend to like more artists that are from the same country as mine haha :P She is also one of the rare TVB actresses that graduated from University; she is a graphic designer and graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design :) So she's really well educated, she finished university before entering pageants. That's maybee why she entered a bit older, (she was overage for Miss World -.-) but she really looks young! The first time I saw her, which was in Forensic Heroes III, where she was already in her early 30s, I thought she was like in her early 20s :P She is always young at heart too :) Btw she looks so cute in the picture above with her mickey shirt hahaa :)

Series I've seen of her, in order ; Forensic Heroes III (Angel), The Other Truth (Iris), A Great Way to Care 2 (Jade)

In The Other Truth, she played a young raising artists who accused an Indian guy to have rapped her. In the end, they found out that she was lying. Aimee was only a guest star, yet she had an amazing performance :) I thought she did really good in all her crying scenes, and it's nice to see another side of her acting since in this serie, she was a really bad girl who lies :P

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poll Result

Here are the results from the last poll! Winner is Friendly Fire!! Guess I should really start on that serie.. xD
I will post a new poll in a while since i don't know why, but the poll gadget doesn't seem to be working lately...

A Great Way to Care 2 Review

Alex Fong as Dr. Ko Lap-yan
Tavia Yeung as Ah Yan
Yoyo Mung as Lois
Aimee Chan as Jade
Ben Wong as Chung Kwok-ban
Edwin Siu as Jackson
Christine Kuo as Scarlett

*I'm so glad most character have a english name, makes my review a lot easier! hehe :) 

This drama really surprised me. It was really out of the ordinary and different from other TVB dramas. I'm glad I gave it a try, even if I haven't watched the first one! 

First thing to mention, the artists. The fact that this serie was played by so many well known artist really attracted me to watch it. Aimee, Edwin, Christine & Oscar are all supporting actors/actresses that I love! :) But of course, there's also Tavia & Ben :) Before this serie, I never watched Alex and rarely Yoyo, so this serie allowed me to discover more from them :)
First, the cases. They were interesting and I feel like I learned new things :) The series about crime that I have watched in the past are usually about police, forensics, and lawyers. This was the first time that was involving psychiatrists or psychologist, so I found it really special. I'm interested in psychology so it was interesting :) 

Another hing I really liked about this serie is how love was portrayed. It was just okay and did not overwhelmed the rest of the serie & the cases. They actually didn't talked much about it neither for Ah Yan & Chung Kwok-ban nor for Lois and  Dr. Ko Lap-yan. It was just like, they hook up, okay, cool. The ones that they did developped a lot was between Jackson, Jade and Scarlett. It was funny to see how Jackson loved both of them so much and tried to date both of them without the other knowing. While that was going on, I was secretly hoping he'd end up with Jade :) Cause I saw Edwin & Aimme as a couple in FH3, they were so cute! I'm glad this time they have a happy ending!

Tavia's acting was awsome in this serie :) From a nice & kind hearted policewoman to a horrible & cool blooded killer, you could really feel her character. Her facial expression and the way she talked seemed so realistic, like her eyes when she was killing someone. I'm pretty sure for her that she'll get a spot in Best actress or Favorite Actress in the next awards with this character :) 

The ending was really surprising! I didn't expected Ah Yan to commit suicide. It's kinda sad...I would have rather prefer seeing her recover slowly with the help of Dr. Ko Lap-Yan & Lois. 
I heard that some parts were cut from the serie? Its a bit upsetting :/ It showed a bit, like both times when Tavia was in the hospital, it was as if she was immediatly recovered the second after. Which didn't make sense.. .Also, Franco, Lois' boyfriend had NO screentime. He died, and like 'pop', he's burried. It was too quick! I wished they showed more of Lois' reaction. 

I would write a longer review if I had time, but I'm really busy nowadays so here are my quick thoughts for now! Overall, loved the serie & really worth watching :) 

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