Thursday, February 21, 2013

Poll Result + New Poll : Favorite 2013 serie so far

Here are the poll results from my last poll (:
Tavia & Linda are almost tied, while Kenneth wins it for the males :) Pretty glad to know most of you have the same opinions as me, since my least favorite artists are Kate Tsui for the girls and Wayne Lai for the guys xD

A new poll is up on the right sidebar, check it out :) Question is, which is your favorite TVB 2013 serie so far?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Upcoming posts!

Hey bloggers and readers! I know I have kinda disappeared for a I am reappearing :) I have a 4days long weekend this week and march break in two weeks, so I guess it's time for me to catch on some series!

For once, I have stayed updated with TVB news, but I havent have time to post about my thoughts on them, so I will do that by the end of this week.

During my vacations, I plan on watching Inbound Troubles, Season Of Love and maybee Friendly Fire if I have time. I'm probably gonna do a pre-thought on Inbound troubles and a LONG review on it afterwards, since this time around I wanna just watch the serie to watch it and not recap after every few episodes. For Season Of Love, I'll do one after every "season" 's story :) And for Friendly Fire, I'll see when I really get there xD

Will also put a new poll up! :D

Hope you guys will hop on my blog and read some of my upcoming blog post for the next few weeks :D